Sales Pipeline Management

Synchronized Pipeline Supervisor™ - Maximizing results from marketing campaigns and improving your bottom line.

Each year, companies lose millions of dollars in potential revenue and fail to meet customer expectations due to poorly managed sales pipelines. Marketing departments everywhere spend valuable time and scarce resources to produce qualified leads only to see a large portion of them fall through the cracks of the sales process. Marketing then faults Sales for not following up on leads appropriately and Sales criticizes Marketing for providing under-qualified leads that waste precious time.

Our team can assess your current processes and implement a custom lead tracking process that fits the individual needs of your business - helping to improve lead acceptance rates by sales, close ratios, and most importantly your bottom line. The Smart2Market pipeline optimization process ensures that typical lead management issues such as inconsistent lead quality, sales readiness and turnover problems, and CRM glitches are addressed in real time, giving each lead its best chance to grow up to be revenue.

Smart2Market's Synchronized Pipeline Supervisor™ complements and works with your CRM solution to provide a valuable feedback mechanism to help bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Utilizing a proven methodology and a specialized technology infrastructure, we help our clients generate a higher marketing ROI - ensuring leads produced by your campaigns have the appropriate follow-up and are not lost in a proverbial "black hole".

Synchronized Pipeline Supervisor™

  • Lead quality control
  • Accurate and effective lead hand-off to sales
  • Ensuring timely follow up to prospect
  • Regular lead updates from the sales force and sales channels
  • CRM reconciliation and data clean-up
  • Escalation processes to eliminate lost opportunities
  • Closed-loop reporting