To commemorate our 15 year anniversary, Smart2Market is continuing our focus and commitment to giving back to the communities we are honored to be a part of. For our initiative this year, we learned about an eight-year-old boy, Santiago, with an immediate need for financial assistance to cover the medical expenses as he battles against a rare malignant brain tumor.


Since his devastating diagnosis in February 2016, Santiago has had to give up the carefree life of a child to battle a disease that threatens his life on a daily basis. He has undergone major brain surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, Santiago developed severe radiation necrosis leaving him completely paralyzed. The necrosis affected a part of Santiago’s brainstem which controls his ability to move, swallow, speak, and breathe. Since August 2016, he has required ventilator assistance to breathe as well as a gastric tube to provide nutrition.

The out-of-pocket costs for Santiago’s care (not covered by insurance) exceed $200,000 a year. Santiago’s family has limited resources from health insurance and will require help to sustain his care in the long run. Smart2Market has created the Santiago Fund to help Santiago and his family with their out-of-pocket medical costs and financial needs. Smart2Market hopes to raise as much money as possible and will be matching donations up to $2,500.

Read Santiago's full bio here.

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Santiago enjoying a carefree life prior to diagnosis


Santiago bravely battling cancer and treatment complications